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Compiling Fabric Identity for Pottery from Maltese Sites (CoFIPoMS)

CoFIPoMS news March 2024

The following dissertation is now accessible on OAR: Richard-Trémeau, E. (2023) Pottery fabrics from Malta: characterising Late Punic/Early Roman fabrics from the Żejtun Villa and the sanctuary at Tas-Silġ. MA dissertation. University of Malta.  


CoFIPoMS news March 2023

We are very proud of Alexandra Humann, who has worked on the CoFIPoMS project as part of a work placement and her undergraduate dissertation. Alexandra graduated from the Fresenius University of Applied Science (Hochschule Fresenius) in Analytical Chemistry of Analytical Forensics and Life Sciences. For the work she has carried out in her dissertation, Alexandra was awarded the nation-wide Studienpreis der Fachgruppe analytische Chemie der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (The student prize from the expert group for analytical chemistry) by the German Society of Chemistry. 

  •   Humann, A. (2022) Analysis of late Punic and early Roman pottery sherds from Malta. BSc dissertation. Hochschule Fresenius.