What's New

What's New

Shortly after Senate issued the Research Code of Practice   and the Research Ethics Review Procedures   in September 2017, the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) launched an online self-assessment form for the use of researchers, using off-the-shelf software. UREC is now replacing this by software written specifically for the UM research ethics review process: URECA.

While the content of the online form has not changed, URECA automates the submission process, eliminating the need for applicants to send emails with attachments. Its backend features facilitate record keeping, review and audit.

As with the previous form, the URECA form enables users to assess ethical and data protection aspects of their research through a series of structured questions, helping them to self-assess as to whether the form should be submitted to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC)  for records or for review. If the researcher is a student, supervisor endorsement is still required but the URECA system streamlines this process by giving access to supervisors to assess and endorse the form.

URECA will become active on 1 October 2021. Further information may be obtained from the UREC website or from the FREC.