The HRS4R Committee was set up in January 2018.  It included eight members, namely the Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer, the Director for Human Resources Management & Development, the Deputy Director for Human Resources Management and Development, the Finance Director, the Director of the Knowledge Transfer Office, the Director of the Research Support Services Directorate, the HR Manager for externally funded projects and the Deputy Director for externally funded projects. On 31st January 2020, the HRS4R Committee took the decision to invite Researchers ranging from R1 to R4 on the committee and the working group. 

An initial analysis of the forty aspects has been carried out by the working group, which included a thorough analysis of what policies, procedures and practices are in place and in line with the Charter and Code. Meetings with management departments directly or indirectly responsible for researchers’ HR issues have been held in this regard. The HRS4R Committee has looked into the initial results of each of the forty aspects.

Meetings/workshops have been held, which covered the ethical and professional aspects, the recruitment and selection aspects, the working conditions and social security aspects, as well as the training and development aspects. Two questionnaires - one for resident academics and another for research support officers involved in research - have been formulated by the working group and approved by the HRS4R Committee. The questionnaires examine the perception and knowledge of the resident academics and research support officers of the aspects mentioned above. Researchers ranging from R1 to R4 responded to the questionnaires and an analysis of the results took place between 7 May and 1 December 2020.

The University of Malta has submitted the Action Plan, Gap Analysis and the OTM-R checklist on 4th May 2021 for evaluation by the HRS4R assessors and received the HR Excellence in Research Award on 31 July 2021.



Dr Karen Cacciattolo