Online and blended learning

Online and blended learning

When proposing new or revised programmes that include elements of distance learning (online or blended), the proposers are required to submit with the Stage 1 Proposal Form, a duly completed Distance Learning Programme Checklist  detailed as Appendix D

New study-units which involve blended or online modalities need to be sanctioned by the ESDEC, which is a joint sub-committee of the Digital Education Committee and the Programme Validation Committee. In such instances, Appendix B or Appendix C (as appropriate) of the Distance and E-learning Policy must be submitted together with the study-unit approval form.


Appendix B should be completed when converting up to 25% of an existing face-to-face study-unit to an online modality.


Appendix C should be completed when converting an existing face-to-face study-unit or a blended study-unit to a fully online study-unit.


Appendix D should be submitted to APQRU along with the Stage 1 Proposal Form when proposing new distance learning programmes.