Your first appointment

Your first appointment

To schedule your first appointment, kindly send an email and you will be guided through the procedure.

An appointment for an intake session will be sent to you within a few days. The intake session itself usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes.
In the same email, you will be be asked to sign the Client Agreement Form   and Data Privacy Policy Document   . You are kindly asked to read through the Information Sheet and Online Confidentiality Procedure prior to the intake appointment. Any queries about this document or our service can be clarified during the intake session.

During the intake session, the nature of the issue presented will be identified and the situation will be assessed by means of some general questions, and 2 questionnaires. Your answers will be reviewed by the Head of Counselling Unit, in order for you to be assigned to the professional who is best suited to support you. You can also indicate whether you prefer to work with a male or a female therapist, however, you cannot receive therapy from someone who is also your lecturer/tutor.

After the intake session, there is usually a waiting time, during which you may be contacted again for further assessment if required.  If there is a waiting list, you will be informed during the intake, and you will be contacted as soon as a therapist is available.

If you are already seeing a therapist outside the University of Malta Counselling Services, you are required to inform the intake officer immediately, as one cannot receive therapy from two different therapists at once. This is an ethical requirement by all counselling services professionals (according to all professional bodies) in order to safeguard one from confusion or conflict of interest.

Access the referral guide for UM members of staff.

Last updated: 24/03/2022