Friends of Argotti

The purpose of the Friends of Argotti is to support the work and operations of our Gardens. It provides an opportunity to those who would like to join and learn new skills, as well as expand an appreciation for the role and history of the Gardens while at the same time sharing their skills and experiences.

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From time to time we organise a number of events, such as a plant sale, an open day, a guided tour of the gardens or a tour in the wild. Contact us for more details.


From time to time commercial enterprises contact us to organise a day's volunteer work for their staff. On several occasions companies integrate this activity as part of their corporate responsibility.

Contact us for more details if you wish to organise volunteer groups, at the Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre, for your staff.


We offer internships to both local and foreign students wishing to enhance their knowledge of gardens and flora. Interns can join as volunteers in their free time but also if they wish to this to be part of their academic studies. Get to know more.