Consultative services

The Department of Family Studies was entrusted by the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity to draft a policy on positive parenting. The draft policy, entitled 'A Positive Parenting Policy for Malta 2014-2018: Draft Copy for Public Consultation' was launched at the bilateral seminar Investing in Parents, investing in Children held on 10 October 2014 at Aula Magna, Valletta Campus. A child and parent-friendly version of the policy was also published.

Download a copy of the draft policy: EN | MT  

Download the the child- and parent-friendly version of the policy: EN | MT  
The Department of Family Studies carried out a consultation for the Ministry of Finance on the needs of Maltese families with dependent children.
The Department of Family Studies formed part of the Sustainable Lifestyles Project Management Team which was set up in 2009. This team was made up of members of the Department of Economics at the University of Malta, the Department of Family Studies at the University of Malta, Caritas Malta, the Kana Movement and the Diocesan Commission for the Family. Regular meetings of this project were hosted by Caritas Malta. This project was carried out under the auspices of the President of Malta and was financed by the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The management team believed that the wellbeing of individuals within families and the community depends to a significant degree on choices made during one's lifetime including those which have an economic dimension. Insufficient information and preparation for decision making, inadequate foresight, and susceptibility to various influences are among the difficulties which may be faced by individuals when making such decisions.

The management team was responsible for the running of this project.
The Department of Family Studies helped organise the international colloquium sponsored by Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development.

The Department offered its expertise in the organisation of a prestigious colloquium entitled Strengthening Marriage and Supporting Families: Family Scholars and Practitioners in Conversation organised by the Cana Movement, a leading NGO which has been rendering services to Maltese families for over 50 years.

This Colloquium which took place on 6 and 7 October 2009 in the magnificent Presidential Palace in Valletta, was officially opened by His Excellency the President of Malta. It hosted a dozen or so outstanding speakers on topical issues on the family. The Head of Department of Family Studies played a very important role in head hunting the presenters of the colloquium and was consulted in the scientific component of this event. She also chaired the second day of the colloquium.

The colloquium was sponsored by The Doha International Institute for Family Studies & Development at Education City, Doha, Qatar.