Call for papers

Small States & Territories (SST) invites authors to submit manuscripts to be considered for publication. 

Critical Reflections on Governance and Resilience in Small Island Contexts

Special section for Small States and Territories 4(2), November 2021

Guest Section Editors: Aideen Foley and Stefano Moncada

This special section in SST Journal seeks contributions reflecting critically on governance and 'resilience' in small island jurisdictions (sovereign states or sub-national territories) with a particular emphasis on climate, environmental and sustainability challenges.

Manuscripts, already laid out in the journal's house style,  are to be sent to by Monday, April 12th, 2021. 

More details here.

Overseas Territories & Crown Dependencies: What Future in ‘Global Britain’?

Special section for Small States and Territories 5(1), May 2022

This special section in Small States & Territories journal will provide a critical, timely and sober assessment of where the overseas territories and crown dependencies stand now in ‘Global / post-Brexit’ Britain, and the opportunities and challenges that face them going forward. This section offers the first ever, comparative and comprehensive consideration of these two groups of territories.

The special issue welcomes contributions from across the academic disciplines (political science; international relations; psychology; anthropology; sociology; environmental science; geography; public administration; etc.) that consider issues within a particular territory or group of territories, or cross-cutting themes such as governance, environmental security, geo-politics, and defence. We also welcome submissions that offer non-British perspectives. i.e. how other regions and countries view the UK overseas territories and British crown dependencies. 

We would like to offer a cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary and global assessment of these small yet important, but often marginalised and sometimes forgotten, territories.

Manuscripts (of around 6,000 words each) will be accepted up to 31 October 2021 and should be sent to the SST Editor

Submissions need follow the journal house style.

If you have any questions prior to submission, please contact one of the special section’s co-editors:

Matthew Benwell 

Peter Clegg 

Nichola Harmer

Alasdair Pinkerton 

Manuscripts need to engage with the notion of smallness, statehood and/or territorial (non-sovereign) status in their content and argument. The Editorial Board of SST is committed to only publish material where the notion of smallness, combined with either sovereign or non-sovereign status, is the focus of the argument, and not just a coincidental locus, or backdrop. 

Small States & Territories also invites authors to consider submitting proposals for special thematic sections to appear in SST. A minimum of three manuscripts on a related topic that are deemed to be publishable following suitable peer review constitute a thematic section. Such thematic sections will appear as part of the normal, biannual issues of SST; and not as separate, stand-alone issues. The lead time between the acceptance of a proposal for a thematic section and its actual publication is a minimum of 18 months. 

The act of submission of a manuscript by an author affirms that the author has: neither published the same manuscript elsewhere, nor has submitted it to be considered for publication elsewhere at the same time. 

The decision on whether a manuscript will be accepted for publication rests with the Editor.