I look forward to getting an article ready for the new journal! – Marc Lanteigne, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.

I am very glad to hear of the plans for a Small States & Territories journal – Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Head of Research, The Åland Islands Peace Institute.

A dedicated journal at the global level for small island states and territories is long overdue – Vijay Naidu, Director of Development Studies, University of the South Pacific.

I very much welcome this journal; its focus is desperately needed – DeLisle Worrell, Governor, Central Bank of Barbados.

Congratulations on this excellent initiative. I’d be pleased to support in the future in any way I can – Gail Hurley, Policy Specialist, United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

This journal is an interesting initiative which I support – Markku Suksi, Åbo Akademi, Åbo/Turku, Finland.

I will certainly keep the new journal in mind – Anthony van Fossen, Griffith University, Australia.

Please count me in: The focus of this new journal is great – Alain-G. Gagnon, Université de Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Congratulations! I think this is a great initiative and would be more than happy to be involved – Patsy Lewis, University of the West Indies.

Firstly, congratulations on this initiative. I think it will do well and strike a chord with researchers in this field … I am of course happy to help and advise in any way I can – Chris Cooper, Oxford Brookes University, U.K.

I look forward to read the new journal – Beinta í Jákupsstovu, Faroe Islands.

This is very exciting news. I wish you the best of luck in launching the new journal. Different branches of small state studies will definitely benefit from having such a new specialized outlet – Külli Sarapuu, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

Congratulations on your efforts to develop a journal dedicated to small states – Sonia D. Gatchair, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

Let me first congratulate you on this very welcome initiative … I am very much looking forward to an online journal which will be dedicated to this specific research issue – Wilfried Marxer, Liechtenstein.

Congratulations! It just made my day to hear the news. A serious, long over-due step in the right direction. And thanks for bringing me in. In fact, please keep me in mind if/when you need help. I’d be happy to get involved – Matthias MAASS, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.

Thanks for reaching out - sounds like an exciting project.  I would certainly be interested in participating – Didacus Jules, Director General, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

Thanks for informing me of this interesting initiative. It will be a pleasure to somehow participate in it – Francesco Palermo, Director, Institute for Studies on Federalism & Institute for Studies on Federalism and Regionalism in Bolzano/Bozen Regionalism, Bolzano/Bozen.

Excellent initiative – Rolph Payet, United Nations Executive Secretary for the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions / Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Seychelles.

Congrats on the planned scholarly open-access peer reviewed electronic journal dedicated to small states and territories.  I am sure it will rebound to the benefit of these countries – Denny Lewis-Bynoe, Adviser and Head of Climate Finance and Small States, Economic Policy Division, Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK.