Course lists for visiting students

Course lists for visiting students

The University of Malta (UM) consists of fourteen faculties and their departments, and several institutes, centres, and schools. The courses at UM, offered by the various academic entities, are composed of different study-units (credits).
Visit the page with the full list academic entities. This page provides the links to lists of study-units available for visiting students, under their respective subject area and semester. Click on the study-unit code to view the study-unit description. Go through the descriptions carefully when planning your study programme at UM.
Remember: lectures at UM are in English, unless otherwise indicated.

What you need to know

At the UM, credits follow the ECTS points system, and a one-semester workload should have a minimum of 8 ECTS and a maximum of 30 ECTS.

  • If you are an Exchange student you will have the opportunity to select study-units across various academic entities.
  • If you are an Erasmus+ student make sure that the majority of the credits (ECTS) are within the subjects nominated according to the agreement between the UM and your home university.
Study-unit codes
Study-units are coded according to the subject area, academic level and study-unit topic. Taking for instance: ART1001: Introduction to History of Art (level 1), as an example:
the letter code - ART - refers to the subject area
the initial number - 1 - refers to the academic level of the study unit
the last three digits - 001 - refer to the study-unit topic.

The availability of study-units is subject to timetabling constraints.