Info for international applicants

Info for international applicants

Malta is often described by UM alumni and students as a place where it is easy to adapt to the Maltese life. Although a small island, practically the same size of a European city and sometimes even smaller, it is an independent state with over 7000 years of history.

Travelling from one place to another on the Maltese islands is relatively cheap, quick and easy. Described by 'an open-air museum ' as most of its past is still visible today, Malta is also renowned for having good local food, and for its people who find every excuse to celebrate and party.

Malta also has two sister islands: picturesque Gozo, a much smaller island with about 30,000 inhabitants, and Comino the smallest of the three with just three inhabitants and one hotel. Perhaps the beach in Comino, the Blue Lagoon, is one of the most acclaimed among the beaches of the archipelago.

Malta’s strong economy has nowadays attracted numerous citizens from different EU countries. The Maltese are known as friendly, pleasant and sociable, making it easier for international expats to integrate with the lively Maltese community. All this happens within an ambience which is known to be one of the safest and securest in the EU.

Malta offers a variety of accommodation options for students, located around and close the UM campuses, to suit different needs and budgets. Students are free to choose the lodging which suits them best. UM students may opt to live at the University Residence or Hotel Kappara; both are administered by the Malta University Holding Company (MUHC).