About us

The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine at UM collaborates with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide an educational course of studies in traditional Chinese medicine and culture in line with the WHO definition and concepts of complementary medicine.

The World Health Organization defines complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as 'a broad set of health care practices that are not part of that country's own tradition and are not integrated into the dominant health care system'. TCM methods are diverse in their foundations and methodologies, and may incorporate or base themselves on traditional and folk medicine, spiritual beliefs, or newly conceived approaches claiming to heal. The use of these methods may or may not be based on traditional evidence-based medicine, however many elements of traditional medicine are beneficial. The WHO encourages and supports countries to identify safe and effective remedies and practices for use in public and private health services.

Our Centre offers a one-year full-time taught Master course in TCM aimed at professionals with a primary degree in western medicine. This postgraduate programme provides a comprehensive theory and practical-based course of studies to enable licensed health care professionals to acquire knowledge relating to TCM and Chinese culture. Our graduates are able to integrate traditional Chinese medicine as a form of therapy to complement modern Western clinical practice, or as a subject for scientific research within their clinical work or speciality. The Centre also provides facilities to follow a research-based Master of Science in Integrative Medical Systems.

At the Centre, we further service other healthcare faculties in aspects of TCM practice including the Department of Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Liberal Arts Programme of the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Do you want to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malta?
Read the article by Professor Charles Savona-Ventura, Adoption of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a Central Mediterranean Island Community in Chinese Medicine and Culture, 2018, 1(2):51-55