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The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine is located in the Health & Wellness Centre of the University.

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Malta has had a fifty-year political relationship with the People’s Republic of China. This fruitful relationship has proven to have a very fruitful economic dimension. In addition, this relationship has helped introduce the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malta. In response to the increasing demand for TCM services and in collaboration with Shanghai University for TCM, the University set up the Centre for TCM to introduce postgraduate programmes in TCM practice and research in integrative medical systems. If you are a healthcare professional [medical doctor, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, dentist, etc], you can apply for these programmes. 
In collaboration with Shanghai University for TCM, our Centre provides taught-based and research-based programmes aimed at promoting the integration of contemporary medical practice with Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture provides a comprehensive theory and practical-based course of studies to enable licensed health care professionals to acquire knowledge relating to TCM and Chinese culture. The course will be offered as a part-time option over two years. The theoretical teaching will be held onlinbe, while the practical teaching components will be held in person at the Centre for TCM. Qualification would enable you to formally register as a professional Acupuncturist with the Malta Council for Professions Complimentary to Medicine [CPCM] and  be able to augment your current therapeutic armamentarium and use TCM methods. 

At the Centre, we further service other healthcare faculties programme of studies in aspects of TCM practice.

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