About us

Welcome to the Faculty of Theology

Our Faculty offers a long tradition of excellence and professional care. We welcome students from different faith traditions and do theology in a global way. International partnerships and Erasmus+ foster a sense of dialogue and creativity. Enriched by various religious perspectives, we learn to think differently.

The aim of the Faculty is to maintain a high level of theological research. Our students graduate from courses leading to both civil and ecclesiastical academic degrees. Annual public lectures and international conferences, monthly research seminars, an extensive list of past dissertations, the students web portal Zuntier.com, and our own academic peer-reviewed journal Melita Theologica, are evidence of our robust academic activity.

Our staff is divided in six academic departments and a professional administrative office. With our stakeholders, we seek to prepare leaders in professional ethics, education, pastoral ministry, school leadership, interfaith dialogue, justice advocacy, spiritual companionship, and more.

Study with us. Let us shape a better society and a better Church.


Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Psychology (opening 2021)
Master in Theology
Master of Arts in Bioethics 
Master of Arts in Business Ethics
Master of Arts in Catholic School Leadership (opening 2021)
Master of Arts in Christian Faith Formation (opening 2021)
Master of Arts in Environmental Ethics  
Master of Arts in Family Ministry (opening 2021)
Master of Arts in Matrimonial Canon Law (opening 2021)
Master of Arts in Religious Studies
Master of Arts in Spirituality (opening 2020)
Master of Arts in Spiritual Companionship  (opening 2020)
Master of Arts in Theology
Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (opening 2021)
Licentiate in Sacred Theology

Our research degrees
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
Doctor of Sacred Theology