Faculty of Theology

Studying with us

Studying with us

Study with us. All our courses are eligible for Get Qualified funding, annual bursaries from the Foundation for Theological Studies and other scholarships.


Read an M.Phil. or a doctorate (Ph.D., S.Th.D.) with our Faculty in one of the following areas: Bioethics, Spirituality, Youth or Family Ministry, Theology, Church History, Business Ethics, Sacred Scriptures, Pastoral Ministry, Liturgy, Catechesis, Patrology, Canon Law, Evangelisation, Religious Studies and areas that intersect.

Contact the Dean to discuss your idea.

1. All our courses fall under the Get Qualified Scheme. Upon successful completion of your studies, you may benefit from a tax credit of 70% of the full tuition fees.

2. Every year the Foundation for Theological Studies offers up to bursaries or scholarships  to our students.

3. The University of Malta issues scholarships to students from non-EU/EEA countries.

4. The Government of Malta offers periodic scholarships to fund tertiary studies.

If you have achieved expertise and skills in the past through formal (certified) and/or non-formal (experiential) learning, you may gain access to one of our courses and/or gain exemptions from parts of it through the Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning (RPL) process. 

Contact the Faculty Office to assist you in the preparation of your RPL Application and Portfolio.