University Assessment Disciplinary Board

University Assessment Disciplinary Board

The University Assessment Disciplinary Board was set up to:

  • consider alleged cases of students who are in breach of the University Assessment Regulations
  • consider the views of students who have been reported to be in breach of the University Assessment Regulations, either in person or through a statement
  • impose penalties in cases where it is established that a breach of the regulations has been committed
  • re-consider a case when new evidence is provided.

Term of Appointment:
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023

Composition of the Board

Professor Joseph M Cacciottolo

Academic Registrar
Professor Patricia Vella de Fremeaux (appointed by Senate)
Dr Ivan Mifsud (appointed by Senate, if Professor Patricia Vella de Fremeaux is not available)
The Dean of the Faculty offering the course on which the student is registered, or delegate, provided that these academics have not been involved in the assessment of the student in the study-unit
Ms Nicola Kirkpatrick (Senate Student Representative)
Mr David Debattista (alternative Senate Student Representative)