Committee on Race and Ethnic Affairs

Committee on Race and Ethnic Affairs

The Committee on Race and Ethnic Affairs shall serve as the University’s focal point for monitoring and addressing issues related to race and ethnic prejudice, with a special focus on developing comprehensive and effective action in the three areas indicated below, namely Awareness, Access and Integration, and Safeguarding and Enforcement. In pursuance of its mandate, the Committee shall liaise with the relevant University structures and stakeholders as necessary:

(a) Awareness

The Committee shall:
(i) identify themes and areas requiring awareness-raising by means of adequate communication and/or information, so as to promote positive attitudes and behaviour;
(ii) plan, develop and implement its own awareness-raising initiatives on issues concerning race and ethnic diversity among members of the University community;
(iii) propose action to relevant organizational structures and stakeholders;
(iv) promote and/or support awareness-raising initiatives by other University stakeholders on issues that fall within its remit.

(b) Access and Integration

The Committee shall:
(i) evaluate current practices and procedures that have an impact on access to the University and/or its programmes and services by current or potential staff and students belonging to diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds
(ii) carry out an ongoing appraisal of the integration of staff and students from diverse racial and ethnic groups within the University community
(iii) make recommendations to the relevant University authorities and stakeholders for the development or improvement of current policies and practices concerning the access and integration of staff and students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

(c) Safeguarding and Enforcement

The Committee shall:
(i) periodically and regularly (at intervals of five years or as required) appraise existing policies and procedures for safeguarding members of the University community against racial and ethnic harassment and discrimination, as well as review the current mechanisms for reporting and enforcing such policies and procedures (including disciplinary procedures). For the avoidance of doubt, this role is exclusively that of a policy advisory body and shall not imply an executive or decision-making role in any disciplinary procedures which in all cases will continue to be carried out in accordance with the procedures of the University
(ii) as and when appropriate, of its own initiative, propose to the relevant University authorities the establishment and development of new policies, structures and procedures to safeguard against racial and ethnic disparity, harassment and discrimination
(iii) when requested to do so, provide specialist advice about its domain of expertise to the Rector and/or other University authorities on any complaints formal or otherwise falling within its remit, referred to it in the manner prescribed or as may be permissible within the procedures of the University of Malta.

Term of Appointment:
1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

Composition of the Committee

Dr Omar N’Shea

Ms Zachea Scicluna (Vice-Chair and Student Representative) - up to 30 September 2024 
Dr Francois Mifsud
Mr Roderick Vassallo
Representatives of:
Human Resources Management & Development Office – Ms Amanda Borg Ciantar
Office of the Academic Registrar – Ms Carmen Mangion
Marketing Communications and Alumni Office – Dr Mario L. Cassar
International Office – Ms Stefania Agius Fabri
Professor Frank Camilleri (appointed by Council)

Download the document: Good Practice in Inclusive Language