Doctoral Academic Committee

Doctoral Academic Committee

The Doctoral Academic Committee was set up to:

  • evaluate and present for Senate’s approval doctoral programmes recommended by Faculties/Institutes/Schools boards, including applications, requests to transfer from M.Phil. to Ph.D., including the composition of boards assigned to assess submitted work, and thesis examination
  • evaluate and present for Senate’s approval requests to formally restrict open access of specific doctoral theses
  • participate in the process of evaluating the quality of doctoral programmes, and
  • manage other academic matters related to the delivery of doctoral studies that are not assigned to other offices. 

Term of Appointment:
1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

Composition of the Committee

Professor Joseph M Cacciottolo, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs

Professor Nicholas Vella, Director of the Doctoral School

Professor Inġ. Maurice Apap, Deputy Director of the Doctoral School
Professor Inġ. Simon Fabri, Pro-Rector for Research & Knowledge Transfer
Professor Dominic Fenech, Senate appointee
Dr Marie Louise Mangion, Senate appointee
Professor Odette Vassallo, Senate appointee
Academic Registrar (acting also as secretary)

Doctoral School
Information for the Doctoral Academic Committee members