Professional Development Committee of the Doctoral School

Professional Development Committee of the Doctoral School

The Professional Development Committee of the Doctoral School was set up to:

  • organise training for the development of cross-disciplinary research skills for doctoral research and other skills that enhance the professional career development of doctoral graduates
  • organise training for the supervision of doctoral research
  • evaluate the quality of teaching in cross-disciplinary training activities
  • encourage and facilitate participation of those involved in doctoral research in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) with appropriate public and private organisations
  • take into account the University’s policies on doctoral grants and scholarships and suggest strategies for improving efficiency, and
  • manage other professional development matters related to the delivery of doctoral studies that are not assigned to other offices.

Term of appointment:
1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023

Composition of the Committee

Professor Inġ. Simon Fabri, Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer

Professor Nicholas Vella, Director of the Doctoral School

Dr Anton Bartolo, Director for Corporate Research & Knowledge Transfer
Dr Christian Bonnici, Director for Research Support Services
Dr Colin Borg, Academic Registrar (also as secretary)
Professor Joseph Cacciottolo, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs
Dr James Cilia, specialist in Continuous Professional Development appointed by Senate
Dr Belinda Gambin
Dr Ingrid Galea, academic member appointed by Senate
Ms Rebecca Anastasi (student representative)
Mr Believe Ayodele (student representative)

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