Programme Validation Committee

Programme Validation Committee

The Programme Validation Committee is a Committee of Senate composed of academic members of staff nominated for this purpose by the Rector. Its main functions are:

  • to provide quality assurance mechanisms acceptable to Senate and appropriate for internal and external audit purposes
  • to ensure that academic programmes are of appropriate standard
  • to ascertain the validity of the programmes on offer
  • to ensure optimal use of available resources.

The PVC is assisted in its task by the Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit (APQRU) which also provides on-site and off-site assistance to departments and faculties, institutes, centres and schools with regard to validation procedures.

Composition of the Committee


Deputy Chair
Professor Joseph Cacciottolo 

Professor Marilyn Clark 
Professor Carl J. Debono
Professor Anthony Fenech
Professor Keith Sciberras
Professor Valerie Sollars
Dr Antoine Zammit
Academic Registrar
Director of Finance or delegate
Mr Matthew Xuereb (Senate Student Representative)
Ms Elsa Cassar (alternative Representative)

Information for the Programme Validation Committee members 

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