Programme Validation Committee

Programme Validation Committee

The Programme Validation Committee is a Committee of Senate composed of academic members of staff nominated for this purpose by the Rector. Its main functions are:

  • to provide quality assurance mechanisms acceptable to Senate and appropriate for internal and external audit purposes
  • to ensure that academic programmes are of appropriate standard
  • to ascertain the validity of the programmes on offer
  • to ensure optimal use of available resources.

The PVC is assisted in its task by the Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit (APQRU) which also provides on-site and off-site assistance to departments and faculties, institutes, centres and schools with regard to validation procedures.

Term of Appointment:
1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

Composition of the Committee

Professor Joseph M Cacciottolo

Professor Marilyn Clark
Professor Elisabeth Conrad
Professor Carl J Debono
Professor Anthony Fenech
Professor Gloria Lauri-Lucente
Dr Antoine Zammit
Academic Registrar
Director of Finance or delegate
Mr Andrea Cuschieri (Senate Student Representative) - up to 30 September 2024
Mr Gerard-William Zammit Young (Alternative Student Representative) - up to 30 September 2024

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