Our research

The research interests of our academic members of staff

Modern and Contemporary Mediterranean; Politics and International Relations; Modern and Contemporary Maltese History.

Prof. Henry Frendo
Modern and Contemporary Malta History, Politics, Culture; Empire; Europe and the Mediterranean.

Venice; the Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem; the Mediterranean and Malta in Early Modern Times.

Comparative Social and Economic History 1800-1930s; Poor Relief, Public Health and Hospitalisation; Colonial Medicine and Quarantine Studies; Colonial/Postcolonial Labour and Migration; Public Memory and Oral History; and Mediterranean Historiography. 

The Order of St John (the Hospitallers); Early Modern (c.1450-c.1789) History of Malta and Europe; Early Modern Global History; History of Religion; Gender History; History of Slavery; Public Rituals and Festivities.

Medieval Mediterranean: 1000-1500: Political, Social, Economic History, Sicily, Southern Italy, Malta; Jewish-Christian Relations; Crusading in the Fifteenth Century.

Early Modern and Modern Social, Demographic and Family Histories.

Maltese and Central Mediterranean social/political/economic History 1000-1500.