Jasmine Azzopardi

Senior Policy Officer, Government of Malta
"The Masters helped me broader my passion for the French language, while opening up translation opportunities in literature and EU law. My studies have enabled me to pursue a career in the Public Services in International Affairs and EU Policy, where I have worked on foreign affairs, justice and culture."


Habib Dosu

"I chose to study translation at the University of Malta to gain new perspectives on the subject, nurture important soft skills and increase my proficiency in English. The course provides a holistic understanding of translation theory, cultural transfer, and intercultural communication. I positively recommend it as it provides solid foundations for a career in the language and translation industry."


Doriana Vella

Senior Project Manager at a local translation company
"Becoming a translator was my childhood dream and this Master made my dream a reality. Thanks to this course, I acquired the necessary knowledge and skills which help me perform my job efficiently and effectively. It is a great joy starting a translation project, coordinating it and delivering it according to the client’s requirements."


Omar Grech

Translator and terminologist at the European Economic and Social Committee
"A 'game changer' is how I describe this course. Through it I learned to work efficiently – a paramount skill in my occupation where tight schedules are the order of the day. This Master was a rewarding challenge, thanks to which I translate knowledgeably. Highly recommended to those wanting a career in translation."


Antoine Camilleri

Translator, The Council of the European Union
"Career-wise, the Master in Translation & Terminology was very effective as it helped me land a job as a translator at the Council of the European Union. It provides students with a mix of theory and practice in translation. I most definitely recommend this course."