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Malta Global Game Jam

Malta Global Game Jam


The Global Game Jam is a creative event where you team up with other people to make a playable game in 48 hours. Usually at the end of January each year, jammers will be making games in more than 295 sites in 60 countries!

The GGJ encourages people with all kinds of backgrounds to participate and contribute to this global spread of game development and creativity. 

Visit the Game Jam website for information on speaker, dates, and more.

Past Speakers:

  • Tomasz Kisilewicz - 11bit Studios - Creating Meaningful Entertainment. How do Art and Design come together to question your morality
  • Matt Binkowski - Techland - How we balanced Dying Light and how I f****d it up
  • Mike Cook - Falmouth University - Make Your Game Jam Smarter, Healthier And Weirder With Procedural Generation
  • Emily Short - Matching Story and Mechanics
  • Alexis Kennedy - Failbetter Games - Poetic Design
  • Kasia Redesiuk - CD Projekt Red - Creating Games in Small Teams