Institute of Digital Games

Our staff

Our staff


Daniel Vella

Academic staff

Gordon Calleja
Stefano Gualeni
Antonios Liapis
Ahmed Khalifa
Konstantinos Makantasis
Costantino Oliva
Georgios N. Yannakakis

Visiting staff

Pippin Barr

Research support officers

Matthew Barthet
Roberto Gallotta
Daniele Gravina
Maria Kaselimi
David Melhart
Jacques Patiniott
Kosmas Pinitas
Nemanja Rasajski
Silvi Rusi
Konstantinos Sfikas
Chintan Trivedi
Iro Voulgari
Emmanouil Xylakis
Marvin Zammit

Administrative staff

Renita Agius
Sergio Laferla

Industry affiliates

In addition to the regular staff at the Institute of Digital Games, the Institute also maintains contact with a number of leading industry professionals who endorse and provide feedback on the course curriculum. These are our industry affiliates and working closely with them ensures that the research and teaching at the Institute is at the cutting edge of industry technology and needs while simultaneously being of excellent academic quality and interest.

Alessandro Canossa - Massive - A Ubisoft Studio