Board of the School

The functions of the Doctoral School Board shall be:

  • to govern the affairs of the School, subject to the provisions of this statute and of such regulations, policies or directions as may from time to time be approved by the Council and the Senate
  • to formulate the strategic plan of the School, and design and implement quality assurance systems for doctoral studies
  • to ensure that doctoral researchers adhere to the principles and code of conduct related to professionalism and research integrity embraced by the University
  • to ensure that supervisors and administrative staff responsible for doctoral research are familiar with the policies, regulations and procedures of the University and the School, and
  • to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the academic and administrative aspects of doctoral studies.

Composition of the Board

Professor Alfred J. Vella, Rector (Chairperson)
Professor Nicholas Vella, Director of the School (Vice-Chairperson)
Professor Joseph Cacciottolo, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs
Mr David G. Curmi
Professor Ing. Saviour Zammit, Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer
Ms Veronica Grech, Registrar (Secretary to the Board)
Two representatives of students registered on doctoral degree programmes (vacant)