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Apply for your doctoral studies

Apply for your doctoral studies

The University of Malta is a vibrant university which has chosen student development, research and outreach as its three strategic pillars.

Our research profile is underpinned by the contribution of our postgraduate community. UM is publicly funded and is open to all those with the requisite qualifications.

Research-based doctoral studies at UM provide students with the opportunity to pursue substantial independent research on their own under the guidance of their supervisors, who are experts in their field of research. Successful doctoral theses must, among other things, display evidence of substantial and original research, lucid and scholarly presentation, and a sound knowledge of the general field within which the thesis falls.    Applicants who wish to pursue doctoral research at the University of Malta will normally have completed a second cycle Master’s degree programme.

Find out all about the regulations governing doctoral research at UM. 

As a prospective applicant you are encouraged to find out which research entity at UM has the right resources and has academic staff that could supervise the research. Making contact with the officer in charge of the research entity is recommended in order to see what information is required before submitting the application. A wide range of research options are available in the various Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Schools at UM.

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A note to international applicants

If you are an international applicant check whether you satisfy the English language requirements in order to embark on your studies at UM. It is important that you submit all required information to the International Admissions Office through the online application process and as instructed. 

You will find other relevant information on the International Office website.

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Research proposals are discussed at the level of Faculty/Institute/Centre/School Doctoral Committees and Boards in the first instance, following an interview with the applicant. Fill in the research proposal form available through the online application. Have a look at a research proposal sample form     Recommendations are subsequently made to the Doctoral Academic Committee before final consideration by Senate.

During academic year 2023-2024, the Doctoral Academic Committee meets on 18 & 24 October 2023, 24 & 30 January 2024, 8 & 9 April 2024, 8 & 14 May 2024, 12 & 18 June 2024, and 11 & 17 September 2024. 

If accepted, all Doctor of Philosophy candidates are enrolled as Master of Philosophy students with the possibility of transferring to full doctoral status within a minimum of twelve months (full-time) or twenty-four months (part-time). Progression requires submission of written work which will be assessed by a Transfer Assessment Board set up specifically for the purpose.

Enrolment for Ph.D./D.Mus./S.Th.D. students takes place with effect from the first day of the following months: October, December, February, April, June.

Apply online by pressing on the Undergraduate/Postgraduate tab. 

Enrolment for professional doctorate students takes place with effect from 1 October.