Thermo-Electric Cooling for Electronic Systems applications


Project duration: 28 months, Start: 2020-09-01, End: 2022-03-31
Funding source: MCST R&I Fusion 2018 (R&I-2018-035-T)
Project size: EUR 194,961
UM workshare value: EUR 146,127
Private Partner: BlueShape Ltd. 
Principal investigator: Mr. Andre Micallef
Co-InvestigatorDr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi 

Operating integrated circuits at near-cryogenic temperatures is associated with major improvements, at considerably less cost than chip redesigns or technology scale-downs. Yet, present cooling methods are too large and consume too much power for practical adoption in small products. Using thermo-electric technology, novel assembly techniques and optimal control algorithms, ICECAP (thermoelectrIc Cooler for elECtronics APplications) shall develop a compact module that can be integrated within a multitude of portable devices such as high speed cameras, low light microscopes, radio receivers as well as vaccine transport systems.