Our staff


Prof. Ing. Carl J. Debono

Deputy Dean

Dr Conrad Attard

Heads of Department

Dr Charlie Abela - Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Johann A Briffa - Communications & Computer Engineeringl
Prof. Ernest Cachia - Computer Information Systems
Dr Mark Micallef- Computer Science
Dr Ing Owen Casha - Microelectronics & Nanoelectronics

Administrative staff

Faculty Office

Ms Nathalie Cauchi (Faculty Manager) 
Mr Rene Barun
Ms Michelle Agius 
Ms Therese Caruana 
Ms Samantha Pace

Department of Artificial Intelligence
Mr Elton Mamo 

Ms Nadia Parnis

Department of Communications & Computer Engineering
Mr Mark Anthony Xuereb

Department of Computer Information Systems
Ms Shirley Borg
Ms Lilian Ali

Department of Computer Science
Mr Kevin Cortis

Department of Microelectronics & Nanoelectronics
Ms Alice Camilleri

Facilities Management Unit
Mr Paul P. Bartolo
Ms Melanie Gatt 
Mr Raymond Vella