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Staff at the Institute for Physical Education and Sport (IPES) aim to establish a positive relationship with all students, ultimately forming a community of professionals in sport and physical education.

The experience and learning environment provided to all IPES students is very important and the ultimate aim is to equip graduates at the end of the course with all the skills and competencies necessary.

Class of 2019 Graduates


Congratulations and best wishes to all recent BEd(Hons) in Physical Education and BSc(Hons) in Sport and Physical Activity graduates. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we wish you success in your future endeavours.

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The Certificate in Sport Administration and Management was the third course I followed at IPES. As with all previous courses, I was highly satisfied with both the knowledge gained as well as the overall delivery.

I feel that I learned more in this course because every study unit was delivered by multiple lecturers, each specialised in different sports fields and thus having diverse backgrounds. This allowed for sharing of various experiences and unique philosophies on the way to see, plan, and manage sport-related issues.    

The course is extremely applicable to the sport administration and management field, and in my opinion, is the foundation for a fruitful career in sport administration and management, both locally and internationally.

 Adon Formosa 

(Student, Certificate in Sport Administration and Management; May 2020) 


Sport Management is a missing piece in Malta's approach to sport. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study at IPES and for the Institute to have given us the opportunity to provide us with quality material and learn from experienced lecturers. The topics covered are the essential areas that together would lead to the progress of a sport organisation. This has been a great learning experience which I will carry with me throughout my career in the field of sport.

Mark Mifsud

(Student, Certificate in Sport Administration and Management; June 2020)


I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course. It was much more interesting than I had imagined. It is all credit to the lecturers who were all so patient and just kept on answering our queries no matter how long it took for us to finally understand the subject.

Will most certainly keep on the look out for any similar courses in the future.

Liz Said
(Student; Advanced Course in Exercise and Fitness; July 2010)


I would definitely recommend anyone to take the Foundations in Coaching Course. This course has not only helped in improving my knowledge in sports and coaching, it has been an amazing experience in which I've met a wonderful group of people coming from a variety of sport backgrounds. We had the chance to participate and discuss our points of view during lectures and since we all had different sport backgrounds, the discussions were much more interesting. There was a great atmosphere and even now that the course has come to an end, we still keep in contact and meet up every now and then to practice a variety of sports.

Kelly Busuttil
(Student; Foundations in Coaching Course; February - June 2011)


First of all I would like to thank all the IPES staff for the magnificent organization of the course in the Foundations of Coaching. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.  The course content was appropriate and of an adequate duration.  Lecturers were excellent as well.

Hope to see you in future courses.

Stephen Mallia
(Student; Foundations in Coaching Course; February - June 2011)


This is a course I would recommend to all coaches of different sports disciplines.

Apart from the knowledge, hints, and new / modern ideas one absorbs from the interesting lectures, one also gets to know the difficulties other coaches encounter and how they manage to tackle these stumbling blocks. You also make new friends and more important get to learn from one another.

A special thank you to all lecturers and co-ordinators for making this course a success.

Edmond Abela
(Student; Foundations in Coaching Course; February - June 2011)

The course leading to a Diploma In Sport and Leisure Studies is very well organized. The subjects covered are interesting and elaborate. All the tutors do their best in trying to give their most during each lecture and they go the extra mile to help the students. The timeframe of 3 years of this course is ideal because it gives the necessary appropriate time to prepare well for the Long Essay.

Malcolm Bartolo
(Student; Diploma in Sports and Leisure Studies; 2008 - 2011)


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