Using open access workstations

Students with a UM IT Account can follow these instructions:   

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time. This will display the Logon Information dialog box. If the Unlock Workstation dialog box is displayed, then the computer you are trying to log on to is in use by another user who has just moved away from the computer. In this case, find an unused workstation.   
  2. In the Username field, type in your username e.g. zbor0001.   
  3. In the Password field, type in your UM IT Account password.   
  4. In the Domain field, select CSC.   
  5. Click OK button to logon. The standard windows desktop is displayed. 

If you fail to log on to the system as indicated above, contact the IT Service Desk. If you forgot your password, kindly refer to our change or forgotten password instructions.

Do not switch off the computer when you have finished from it. Log off as indicated below:

  1. Close all application programs.
  2. Click Start button.
  3. Click Log off. The Logon Information dialog box will be displayed. The computer may now be used by another user.

The following software is installed on all IT Services workstations:

  • Google Chrome - an Internet browser program.
  • Microsoft Office Suite - MS Word (word-processor package), MS Excel (spreadsheet package) and MS PowerPoint (presentation/graphics package).
  • IBM SPSS - a statistical package used to analyse and report on data collected from questionnaire surveys etc.
  • QSR NVivo - a qualitative software package for managing and analysing qualitative data, such as interview transcripts, field notes, images and videos.
  • Adobe Acrobat - a program used to convert files to a universal file format (PDF) that may be viewed on any computer having the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader® installed. PDF files are compact and preserve the look of the original files.
  • Adobe PhotoShop - an imaging program used to prepare and edit graphics for printing and posting to the Web.

In addition to the above software, some open access facilities may also have other software installed on workstations.