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The Learning Spaces Technology Support (LSTS) team is responsible for the maintenance and support of AV & IT across all University learning and teaching spaces.

Need assistance during a lecture?  

All academics are encouraged to familiarise themselves with any instruction sheets/notices available in learning spaces.

If you encounter problems with displaying your computer content on the LCD or projection screen:

  1. Ensure laptop is connected to the projector/LCD display
  2. Check that the projector/LCD display is switched on
  3. Enable output from your laptop
    - Windows laptop: Press  Windows key + P to cycle between output modes
    - Mac laptop: Press Cmd key + F1
  4. Restart laptop while everything is connected and switched on

For the above and any other problems encountered, please contact the beadle, technical officer or laboratory officer responsible for the learning space. If the problem cannot be rectified the beadle/officer in charge will contact the LSTS team within IT Services.


The LSTS team can be contacted for any advice and/or to organise demonstration sessions on the use of AV & IT equipment in learning spaces. 

Last Updated: 16 August 2017

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