IT Services

Computer training rooms

Computer training rooms

IT Services maintains a number of computer training rooms which can be booked by staff/departments for University-related teaching/training:

IT Services Building

  • TR 003 (Level 0) - 47 workstations + Tutor's PC
  • TR 105 (Level 1) - 28 workstations + Tutor's PC
  • TR 106 (Level 1) - 14 workstations + Tutor's PC
  • TR 108 (Level 1) - 22 workstations + Tutor's PC

Engineering Building

  • MP Room 602 - 51 workstations + Tutor's PC

Note that:

  • The use of these rooms is intended for training sessions/lectures that require the use of computers by participants. Staff who would like to demonstrate the use of some software or website/s without participants making use of computers are kindly requested to book a standard lecture room equipped with data projection facilities and Internet as may be appropriate.
  • The training rooms are available Monday to Friday 0800-2000hrs between 1st October and 31st May (with the exceptions of Christmas and Easter recess). 
  • All training rooms are equipped with data projectors, interactive whiteboards, and workstations. These workstations have the standard software available in IT Services open access areas. Some training rooms offer access to other specialised application software such as AutoCAD.
  • Any requirements for use of non-standard software must be indicated via this booking form in adequate time, ideally two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Such software must be provided by the faculty/department offering the study-unit. It is therefore important that the faculty/department ensures that they own adequate licenses and agree to indemnify IT Services against all losses caused through breaches of copyright. Faculties/departments are encouraged to consult IT Services when procuring software.
  • Use of computers in training rooms require a UM IT Account.

Booking training rooms

Academics wishing to use computer training rooms for some or all of their study-units are requested to inform their Faculty Office accordingly. The Faculty Office should then indicate the need for computer training rooms through the relevant Scheduling Office booking form.

For one-off events where a computer training room is needed, kindly contact the Conferences & Events Unit.