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IT Services offers the following IBM SPSS courses for University students:

  • IBM SPSS: Introduction - This course is aimed at students who want to use IBM SPSS to complement or enhance their statistical analysis, but who do not have the time to study the associated techniques from scratch. The course is intended for beginner IBM SPSS users.
  • IBM SPSS: Intermediate - This course is aimed at students who already have a background of statistics and the use of IBM SPSS as a statistical tool. The main aim is to teach participants more advanced statistics analyses, and how IBM SPSS can help in analysing data efficiently.
  • IBM SPSS: Advanced - This course is aimed at postgraduate (Masters & Ph.D.) students who need to use advanced statistical analyses that are required for postgraduate theses. Participants should already have a background of statistics and knowledge of the techniques introduced in the Intermediate course.
Last Updated: 14 May 2010

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