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MATSEC is responsible for developing and maintaining syllabi for a range of subjects at three different levels: Secondary Education Certificate (SEC), Intermediate Matriculation (IM) and Advanced Matriculation (AM).  These syllabi can be accessed through this page.  Please note that a syllabus' year is the year in which the final assessment is scheduled.


Year                             Level

2023                     SEAC   SEC   IM     AM   

2022                     SEAC   SEC   IM     AM  

2021                     SEAC   SEC   IM     AM 

2020                     SEC    IM     AM  

2019                     SEC    IM     AM

2018 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2017 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2016 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2015 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2014 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2013 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2012 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM

2011 (archive)       SEC    IM     AM 

Last Updated: 8 October 2019

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