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Medicinal Chemistry Practicals Booklet [PDF] 


Powerpoint Presentations to complement Dr Shoemake's class note modules:


Module A1 [PDF]

Module A1.2 [PDF]

Module A1.2 Peptidomimetics [PDF]

Module A1.3 [PDF]

Module A1.5 [PDF]

Module A2.1 [PDF]

Module A2.2 [PDF]

Module A2.3 [PDF]

Module A2.4 [PDF]


What is a Protein Data Bank (PDB)?

This is an introduction to the drug design and molecular modelling practical sessions that the Department of Pharmacy if offering. Prior to attending this class, the pdb file considered, and the allied LPC file must be printed out. The associated URLs are listed on the presentation.

These are long files, so perhaps it might be easier to print the file once, and then photocopy it. Please bring these files to class with you on the appointed day which will be announced later on.


What is a Protein Data Bank? [PDF]

Structure Based Drug Design [PDF]

X-ray Crystallography and its Role in Drug Design [PDF]


What Makes a Molecule Drug-Like? [PDF]

This module aims to highlight the importance of considering those features which render a molecule drug-like in the context of contemporary drug design studies.

Third year students: kindly print and bring to 18 Oct lecture:

Chiral Switch [PDF]


Structure Activity Relationships 01 [PDF] 

Pharm.D. Programme

Postgraduate Programme leading to Doctorate in Pharmacy 

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