Dr Claudine Borg

Dr Claudine Borg

Dr Claudine Borg


Junior College Lecturer

French Department
Dr Claudine Borg graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A. in French and International Relations, a P.G.D.T.I, and a Masters in Translation and Interpreting. She obtained her Ph.D in Translation Studies from Aston University, Birmingham in 2017, under the tutorship of Dr Severine Hubscher-Davidson and Prof. Christina Schäffner.

She teaches French at the University of Malta Junior College and Translation Studies at the University of Malta. Dr Borg was actively involved in the restructuring of the Master in Translation and Terminology programme which commenced in October 2018.

Dr Borg has presented her work at various local and international conferences, and published several academic papers in national and international journals. She is the co-author, editor or co-editor of several books. She is also a practising translator and a published literary translator. Dr Borg is member of the international research network TREC, a Thematic Network on Empirical and Experimental Research in Translation, and of the European Society of Translation Studies.
  • translation process research
  • literary translation
  • research methodology
  • translation revision
  • translator studies
  • translation didactics

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  • TTI5007 - Translating Fiction, Drama, Poetry and Children's Literature
  • TTI5008 - Literary translation workshops
  • TTI5010 - Translation revision: Self-revision, other-revision and post-editing
  • TTI5011 - Research Methods in Translation Studies