Dr Gisella Orsini

Dr Gisella Orsini

Dr Gisella Orsini



Room 101
Car Park 6
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3134
  • Anthropology of the body
  • Eating disorders
  • Health, culture and gender
  • Health systems in small states
  • Medical anthropology

ORSINI, G., 2018. Engaging communities by displacing bodies. In: S. MEI and L. MESITI, eds, Displace Altofest. Valletta 2018 Foundation, pp. 93-101.

ORSINI, G., 2017. “Hunger Hurts, but Starving Works”. The Moral Conversion to Eating Disorders. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, 41(1), pp. 111-141.

ORSINI, G., 2017. Exiled Homes. In: A.Z. AGLAIA HARITZ, ed, Exiled Homes. Embroideres of Actuality. Malta: Valletta 2018 Foundation, pp. 32-35.

  • ANT1003 - Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT1004 - Ethnography and Anthropological Theory
  • ANT2008 - Ethnographic Research Strategies
  • ANT2054 - The Body in Culture and Society
  • ANT3022 - Anthropology of Gender and Sexualities
  • ANT3033 - Current Issues in Cultural and Social Anthropology: Synoptic Revisions
  • ANT5050 - Anthropological Perspectives on Medical Practices
  • ATS5511 - Sexuality, Gender and the Body in the Mediterranean