Dr Paulann Grech

Dr Paulann Grech

Dr Paulann Grech


Senior Lecturer

Room 59
Block A, Level 1
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1180
Paulann Grech is a senior lecturer with the Department of Mental Health, University of Malta. Prior to focusing on lecturing, Dr.Grech used to work as a practitioner within the state community mental health services in Malta. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing followed by an M.Sc., finished her PhD studies at the University of Sheffield in 2014 and completed a Masters programme in Psychiatry with Cardiff University. In addition to lecturing, she is involved in research projects related to critical psychiatry, service user involvement and approaches to understanding and managing mental distress. Dr.Grech is the chairperson of the NGO Hearing Voices Malta, which is the Maltese branch of the Hearing Voices Network. She is also a committee member of the Life Resources Foundation and sits on the board of directors of the European Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Research in Continuing Professional Development. Dr.Grech is a mental health activist and is a co-organiser of ongoing campaigns. In this role, she regularly co-organises awareness events and participates in others as an invited speaker, focusing on different mental health aspects. As a writer, Dr.Grech is particularly interested in observing and blogging about life from a mental health perspective via her thrice weekly mini-articles on: https://www.facebook.com/paulann.grech She has just published a book called Coping with Coronus: Self-help notes for a Pandemic.
  • Mental Health
  • Critical Psychiatry
  • Human rights
  • Person-centered care

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  • FSD5111 - Understanding Psychopathology: A General and Systemic Approach
  • MNH2001 - Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice
  • MNH3002 - Education in Mental Health Nursing
  • MNH4002 - Rights and Responsibilities in Mental Health Care
  • MNH5012 - Interdisciplinary Understanding and Approaches in Mental Health Care, Rehabilitation, Community Care and Recovery
  • NUR1304 - Care of People with Mental Health Illness
  • NUR1307 - Foundations of Mental Health Nursing 1
  • NUR2306 - Community Care for the Mentally Ill
  • NUR2314 - Physical Care in Mental Health Nursing
  • NUR3329 - Psychiatric Nursing 1
  • NUR3344 - Psychiatric Nursing in Community Settings
  • NUR3345 - Forensic Psychiatry Related to Practice
  • NUR5117 - Advanced Mental Health Nursing Practice
  • RAD1112 - Radiography Practice