Dr Rachael M Agius

Dr Rachael M Agius

Dr Rachael M Agius



Room 13
Block A, Level 1
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1854
Dr Rachael Agius graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Communication Therapy from the University of Malta in 1999. She worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist within the Ministry of Health in a range of settings that included Health Centres, Day Centres for Adults with Disabilities and the Access to Communication Technology Unit (ACTU). During this time, she also developed Specialised Divisions and Training Seminars on various communication disorders.

Dr Agius worked as a Title 1 Reading Specialised Tutor at Broadway Elementary School, North Carolina, USA between 2000 and 2002. In 2003, she obtained her M.Sc in Human Communication from the University College London (UCL), London.

She is a Lecturer within the Department of Communication Therapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences. She lectures on Specific Language Disorders in Childhood (Written Language Disorders), Introduction to Communication and Communication Disorders, Prevention and Early Intervention of Communication Disorders, Professional Skills among others.

She was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Malta in 2012. Her research developed the first bilingual literacy diagnostic assessment battery for Maltese children.
  • Literacy
  • Bilingualism
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Communication Disorders
  • Reading comprehension
  • Language Learning Disabilities
  • CMT1031 - Professional Skills
  • CMT1038 - Introduction to Communication and Communication Disorders
  • CMT2048 - Specific Language Disorders in Childhood (including Developmental Speech Disorders and Written Language Disorders)
  • CMT3042 - Prevention and Early Intervention of Communication Difficulties
  • CMT3310 - Case File 1
  • CMT3311 - Client Presentation 1
  • CMT4309 - Case File 2
  • CMT4310 - Client Presentation 2
  • CMT4514 - Language Pathology and Communication Therapy 1
  • CMT4515 - Language Pathology and Communication Therapy 2
  • CMT5011 - Communication Skills and Collaborative Practice
  • HSC3002 - Research Methods in the Health Sciences
Past and ongoing collaborations:
- Dr Agius is a Management Committee member of COST Action IS 1401 (Strengthening
Europeans' capabilities by establishing the European Literacy Network) since 2014.
- In 2008 she worked at the Agora Centre of Excellence in Learning and Motivation
Research at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. This was part of a short-term scientific
mission (STSM) as part of Cost Action A33 (Cross-linguistically robust stages of
children's linguistic performance).

Research work in progress:
- Dr Agius is currently researching reading comprehension strategies in children in Grades
4, 5 and 6. This research is partially funded by the University of Malta and is in
collaboration with the University of Texas, USA.

Past/Present Member of:
- COST Action European Literacy Network (ELN) IS1401
- The British Dyslexia Association (BDA)
- The Society of the Scientific Study of Reading (SSSR)
- The International Association of Logopaedics and Phoniatrics (IALP)
- United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA)
- Association for Professionals working with Learning Disabilities (APLD), 2010 - 2012
- Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (QAAC) 2012, Speech-Language Department, Malta.
- Speech-Language SOP Committee, 2013, Speech-Language Department, Malta.
- Equality Certification Board, 2013, Speech-Language Department, Malta.
- ISO Quality Manual Review Board, Speech-Language Department, Malta.

Peer reviewed articles for publishing in:
- Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
- Reading and Writing (READ)
- Educational Research and Reviews (ERR)
- International Journal of English and Literature
- Science Journal of Psychology
- International Journal of Educational Research and Review (IJERR)
- The Literacy, Preliteracy and Education Journal