Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi

Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi

Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi


Senior Lecturer

Department of Economics
Room 301
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2736
Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi is Senior Lecturer in International Economics. She lectures International Economics, European Monetary Union, Economics of Innovation, Creativity and Knowledge, Economics of Social Policy, the Global Economy and Labour Economics. Her main research areas are the labour market, migration, regional integration, small states, economic development, innovation, gender, and EU related issues. She graduated Diploma in Public Administration (Malta), B.A. Economics and Social Studies (Malta) (first class), M.A. Contemporary European Studies (Sussex) UK (with distinction) and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, from the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, UK.

In June 2020, Senate appointed her Coordinator of the newly set-up Platform for Migration.
She has presented papers at global conferences and published in several international journals. She is a national expert on several EU programmes and projects. She has done consultancy work with the Government of Malta, the United Nations, World Bank, European Union Institutions and Commonwealth Secretariat.

Dr Azzopardi was a member on the Advisory Council of ISISA (International Small Islands Studies Association) for a period of six years until 2016. Dr Azzopardi was Advisor on economic development to the Government of Malta, 2015-2017. She is an invited speaker at local and international events. She is a Fellow of Salzburg Seminar, Session 424, on ˜The World Trade Negotiations: The Politics and Economics of Trade™ (Austria). She followed courses at Victoria University (Australia) and Harvard Business School (USA).

She is a member of the Retail Price Index Advisory Board. In December 2017 she was appointed Director on the first Board of the Malta Development Bank. In 2019 she was elected the President of the NGO, Women Directors Malta.

Her current research is on the Future of Skills, sponsored by the HSBC Foundation. She has already conducted similar research for CEDEFOP. She is also a national expert on a global project sponsored by the German Research Foundation. She has conducted research on different aspects of the labour market, including skills, entrepreneurship, female activity rate, the gender pay gap, etc.
  • International Economics
  • The labour market and migration
  • Economics of innovation and knowledge
  • Regional Integration and Small States
  • Gender and Economics
  • Socio-Economic Realities
  • EU and EMU

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  • ECN1011 - Introductory Micro-Economics
  • ECN2216 - Economics of Social Policy
  • ECN3200 - International Economics
  • ECN3240 - Economics of Innovation, Creativity and Knowledge
  • ECN4199 - Labour Economics
A national expert on several EU projects on gender and the labour market, gender equality, parental involvement in work-life balance and skills gap analysis.

A national expert on a global project on the impact of migration, trade agreements and
international institutions on social policies, commissioned by the German Research Foundation.

Collaborating with various academics on research regarding female entrepreneurs and on work-
life balance policies.