Institutes, Centres and Schools

Institutes, Centres and Schools

Institutes/Centres/Schools’ research ethics proposals to be considered by respective Faculties as follows:

Edward De Bono Institute*: Faculty of ArtsFaculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy / Faculty of Education / Faculty of Health Sciences / Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences / Faculty for Social Wellbeing

Institute for European Studies:  Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy

Institute of Digital Games: Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences

Institute of Linguistics & Language Tech.: Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences

Institute for Physical Education & Sport: Faculty of Education

Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture: Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy

Mediterranean Institute: Faculty of Arts

Institute of Maltese Studies: Faculty of Arts

Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies: Faculty of Arts


(in case of other 'one-off' instances on a case by case basis through ad hoc arrangements with the relevant FRECs)

Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics: Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences

Centre for English Language Proficiency: Faculty of Arts

Centre for Environmental Education and Research: Faculty of Education

Centre for Labour Studies: Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy

Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health: Faculty for Social Wellbeing

Centre for the Study and Practice of Conflict Resolution: Faculty of Laws 

Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research: Faculty of Education

International School for Foundation Studies: Faculty of Dental Surgery

School of Performing Arts: Faculty of Arts