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Research activities at the Department of Biology cover a wide range of disciplines including microbial biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular genetics, population biology and ecology, conservation biology, and natural resource and environmental management. The ongoing research activities within the Department provide numerous opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in cutting-edge research. 

Further details on the research interests of the Department's academic staff members are given below. Information on current and previous externally funded projects can be accessed here.  

Staff Research Interests

Prof. Victor Axiak

  • Marine ecotoxicology
  • Environmental management

Additional information can be accessed here.

Prof. Joseph A. Borg

  • Ecological assessment and monitoring
  • Marine ecology
  • Aquaculture-environment interactions
  • Ecology of seagrass and algal habitats
  • Crustacean ecology
  • Anthropogenic impacts on marine and terrestrial habitats

Additional information can be accessed here.

Dr. Joseph Buhagiar

  • Applied biotechnology
  • Bioactivity of natural products
  • Utilisation of natural resources

Dr. Marisa Cassar

  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular genetics
  • DNA profiling and sequencing

Dr. Simeon Deguara

  • Nutritional requirements of aquaculture species 
  • Feed formulations
  • Development of new aquaculture species

Additional information can be accessed here.

Dr. Julian Evans

  • Structural and functional ecology of communities
  • Population biology and behavioural ecology (ethology)
  • Ecophysiology
  • Marine invasion biology
  • Biological monitoring
  • Experimental design and quantitative analysis of biological data

Additional information can be accessed here.

Dr. Leyla Knittweis

  • Fisheries science and natural resource management
  • Fish biology
  • Population dynamics
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Marine litter especially from fisheries

Additional information can be accessed here

Dr. Sandro Lanfranco

  • Vegetation ecology
  • Algal ecology and taxonomy
  • Metacommunity ecology
  • Freshwater ecology
  • Ecological field techniques

Additional information can be accessed here.

Prof. Patrick J. Schembri

  • Marine benthic ecology
  • Impact of environmental change on Mediterranean coastal and marine biodiversity
  • Faunistics of the Maltese Islands with particular reference to biogeography
  • Human impact on Mediterranean island ecosystems

Additional information can be accessed here

Dr. Adriana Vella

  • Biodiversity: Terrestrial and Marine - Genetic and Species diversity in diverse ecosystems
  • Conservation areas and their management
  • Conservation genetics, Molecular genetics and Phylogenetics
  • Fisheries and conservation of marine resources
  • Vulnerable species and habitat assessments for conservation
  • Recreational fishing and coastal marine conservation
  • Impacts of a changing marine environment: spreading of alien species, jellyfish blooming, sound pollution

Additional information can be accessed here

Dr. Gabrielle Zammit

  • Microbiology and phycology
  • Microbial diversity & systematics
  • The microbial deterioration of various materials
  • Microbial biochemistry
  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Genetics, genomics and bioinformatics
  • Metabolites and natural products

Last Updated: 10 June 2019

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