The ERDF/ESF Unit has been set up to handle the management and administration of all EU Projects which the University of Malta has obtained through the Cohesion Policy 2007-2021.

The office staff consists of a number of Project Administrators who maintain the development, implementation, progress, plans, documentation standards, risk and issues, budget monitoring and communications planning of all the various ERDF/ESF Projects. It has the task of monitoring projects, collecting data, compiling reports and measure results against targets as set in the project’s Grant Agreements.

In addition to the administrative and financial work related to the project, this Unit works closely with partners who monitor and control the projects: including the Line Ministry, MFED, Managing Authority, EU Finance Office, Internal Audit & Investigations Division, MEEF, PPCD, Contracts Department, MRRA and other entities who are engaged to monitor and audit the progress, output and expenditure of such projects.

Overall the ERDF/ESF Unit's main role is to ensure that all documentation, expenditure, financial input and specific records are in place and properly controlled and monitored. All projects are subject to various progress and verification visits including various audits carried out by local or EU representatives and it is the role and responsibility of this Unit to ensure that all ERDF/ESF rules and regulations are in place and projects data and reports are held in a controlled and structural manner.

Two major projects at the University of Malta are:
ERDF 01.122 - Sustainable Living Complex Project
ERDF01.124 - Transdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Exchange (TRAKE) Project.