Facilities and services

 The Chapel is located close to the old university entrance and offers a quiet place to pray or reflect in. Many students and staff members pop by for a quiet moment during their busy day. While there, you can ask for advice about how to pray or get updated with the latest info from the Chaplaincy team, please visit us in the office adjacent to the Chapel. Also, you can just come over to warm your food or have a warm cup of tea or coffee whilst meeting other students or colleagues.  
The Chaplaincy office is where we, as Chaplaincy team, work from. If you are going by the Chaplaincy do pop in to say hello or to ask for help with whatever you may need. You will find someone there to welcome you from 7 am to 8pm. During the summer we will be open from 7am till 1:30pm
We have a small kitchen but which is the best kitchen you will find on Campus! Just come and warm your food, bring some friends over to cook a meal or just come and have coffee with us whenever you like. Food, thank God, is never lacking, so if you are hungry you may be surprised to find something delicious waiting for you here!
Here at Chaplaincy we are lucky to have some rooms available for study and group work. The Jesuit house next door, Dar Manuel Magri, has many more rooms and space to offer.
Some students may need somewhere to leave their  bags, instead of running around Campus with their luggage. Do come along and leave your bags here, but be sure to collect them before 8pm please! During the summer we will be open gtill 1:30pm.
One of the services Chaplaincy offers is to provide food to those students and members of staff who may be struggling to make ends meet. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need food to help you get by. We will be more than happy to share what we have with you.