Work & Activities With Student Organisations

Work & Activities With Student Organisations


Are you active within a Student Organisation? If you belong to a Senate-approved Student Organisation, Degree+ is giving you the opportunity to have your work and contributions officially recognised.

Kindly fill in the Work with Student Organisations and return a hard copy of the report by the end of June 2021 at the Degree+ office [to get a copy of the form go to Key information and click on forms]

For a detailed Study Unit description please click here.

The Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) was founded in 1901 and serves as the national student union representing all University of Malta and G.F. Abela Junior College students. 

Your contribution as a University student is undeniably fundamental for the betterment of the University and society in general. KSU is founded on the ideology that life at the University of Malta is much more than simply academia but is the ideal forum where students can engage in active participation. Students should be given the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions regarding pertinent issues. 

Students may participate within various subcommittees and events throughout the year, and have such activism recognised by Degree Plus.

The Science Students’ Society (S-Cubed) is a UM Faculty-based student organisation which represents all students following a course under the Faculty of Science on University, national and international levels. Its main aim is to unite science students through educational and social activities which are organised regularly throughout the year.

S-Cubed also works to encourage the development of an environment more conducive to the advancement of science and to extend its reach outside University to popularise science.

S-Cubed has an executive of science students from different courses within the Faculty who work voluntarily throughout the year to organise activities that will enrich students’ experience on campus. Events are held regularly and range from weekend science seminars and site visits to parties and outdoor activities.,, 

'Want to work on your fitness, be a part of something, and have a great time doing it? Join the University of Malta’s Wolves RFC!

UM Wolves RFC are a young rugby team, with a strong sense of community and belonging, and a vibrant social life. We pride ourselves on being welcoming to everyone, as no background in rugby is required, but we also maintain a high sporting standard for competitive games against other teams.  

The men’s team plays 15s while the women’s team plays 7s – the only women’s team to represent the university! Training is held twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 20:30 – 22:00, at Gudja Football Pitch), with games held on Saturdays (at Marsa). 

Facebook:, Instagram: Email:

MKSA is a not-for-profit association. Our focus is on broadening our knowledge and enhancing student networking which are the basis for competency in both academic and non-academic communication professions.

Working with other students will serve as a creative outlet in which one can express themselves, make connections and exchange information. This infrastructure of learning is aimed towards encouraging students to take initiative by being vocal and responsible both in the society within University and in the world as a whole.

The Malta Health Students’ Association is a senate recognized students’ association within the University of Malta that represents students following courses at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The MHSA strives to promote public health to both University students and to the general public, shed light on diseases through our various campaigns and awareness days, as well as being at the forefront to help students during their time at University.

Tourism Studies Association (TSA) is a student organization looking to represent the students studying at the Institute of Tourism, Travel, and Culture. Founded in 2003. TSA's mission statement is “Bridging the gap between the University and the Tourism Industry” and this is done by creating opportunities for students through different social and cultural events.

The Department of English Students Association (DESA) is a young and active student organisation based within the Faculty of Arts. We organise both social and academic events, provide a platform for publishing students’ work and help in making the student’s voice heard. Such events range from public lectures to readings of plays, poetry events, movie marathons, parties, book sales, and book clubs.

These events help students both academically and socially, encouraging them to have a memorable experience at the University of Malta. We also provide opportunities for students, such as the opportunity to write through writing competitions organised by Text. Text is a part of DESA which reaches beyond the students of the Department of English, allowing any student at the University to express themselves academically and creatively, while offering feedback and editing services for their work.

DESA also acts as a link between the student body and the Department of English, with the aim of facilitating communication between the students and the Department, as well as to generate an active environment for students both on campus and outside University.

For the Academic Year 2020/2021 MAKE will once again be involved in events such as Science in the City, beach clean-up initiatives, Freshers week party, provision of first aid courses, participation in breast cancer awareness month, educational discussions and debates; and our infamous stationery drive initiative.

Our new events and activities for this term also include a campus clean-up initiative, a quiz night, a hike, a live-in, a treasure hunt and a conference. By participating in these activities you will be awarded a Degreeplus recognition.

IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) Malta forms part of an international organisation (IAESTE a.s.b.l).  We aim to provide paid course-related work experience to University students.

This includes sending students studying in Maltese institutions on internships abroad, whilst welcoming foreign students in Malta who complete their internships with local employers.  As an organisation we offer various fulfilling roles in the team and enjoy a number of fun team building events throughout the year.

Being part of IAESTE Malta means being a part of a global community whose culture embodies core values of career growth, travel, and human connections around the world. We are not bound to a single faculty but represent students of multiple faculties at University.  

Moreover, we reward students joining our team by giving them additional points to go up on an internship with IAESTE. More information can be found at

Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA) is a sub-committee of the Chamber of Advocates established on campus in order to bridge the gap between the law course and the legal profession, by offering students hands-on experiences and practical opportunities. 

By participating in JCA activities students can get DegreePlus recognition.

ASCS is the student organisation which represents all FEMA students whereby it is the ideal bridge between the faculty and its students. ASCS’ culture encompasses student activism wholeheartedly and it therefore, thrives within this aspect.

In fact, ASCS+ has been devised to make its students’ experience more enriching and worthwhile, whereby participation in ASCS activities can be degree plus recognised.

Betapsi+ is a DegreePlus program devised for all psychology students including those who are taking up psychology as a subsidiary. Its purpose is to encourage students’ active participation, introducing them to the professional world.

Betapsi is a Senate recognised students’ organisation which represents all psychology students in Malta and Gozo. Betapsi organises numerous academic activities, of which students must attend a minimum of 16 hours in order to satisfy the degreeplus requirements.

AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education.

Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national/social origin.

Several AIESEC activities are recognised by DegreePlus.

GħSL+ is a Degree+ Unit devised for law students, aimed at enhancing their educational experience, profile and CV.

GħSL (Malta Law Students’ Society) organises more than 70 hours of academic activities annually, of which students must accumulate just 16 in order to satisfy requirements.

By participating in ELSA+ (The European Law Students’ Association Malta) activities, law students will be able to get a DegreePlus recognition.

Further details on the ELSA website Facebook:, Email: or

Two programs will be offered to all Engineering students, either Mechanical or Electrical engineers attending University of Malta.
Programme 1
UESA this year will be hosting a number of events, including: 5 seminars / conferences, 7 industrial visits and a live-in.
Programme 2
UESA  will need a sub-committee to help in all events. This programme will be offered to those students who would like to volunteer.

The above can be DegreePlus recognised according to the point system and the number of hours dedicated to each activity.

Details regarding each event will be posted on the UESA website and Facebook page at their respective stage.

DegreePlus recognition can be achieved by MMSA members participating in 1 event of each of these standing committees:

  • attend one event organised by SCOPH (standing committee on Public Health)
  • attend one event organised by SCOME (standing committee on Medical Education)
  • attend one event organised by SCORA (standing committee on Reproduction and sexual health)
  • attend one event organised by SCOPET (standing committee on Peer education and training)
  • attend one event organised by SCORP (standing committee on human rights and peace)

JEF (Young European Federalists) Malta is a non-partisan youth NGO and political movement, as well as a student organisation within the University of Malta. Internationally, we form part of JEF Europe, which is also a trans-partisan federalist movement and NGO, active in over 35 European countries.

Throughout the years, ever since our journey began in 2002, we have striven to further the cause of European integration and increase awareness of the EU and EU affairs among youths.

Following two consecutive successful campaigns, this year we aim to continue to strive for a more integrated Europe through - seminars tackling different controversial issues such as active citizenship, combating polarisation and overdevelopment of infrastructure
All our activities are DegreePlus recognised, as long as at least 16-hours worth of activities are attended.