Work Placements

Work Placements

Thinking of increasing your employability prospects before graduating? Do you want to improve your skills whilst still attending the University (UM)?

Go for a work placement!

Take advantage of your time as a student to test new grounds to explore various employment sectors. Short-term part-time work opportunities provide invaluable work experiences, increase the potential for employability prospects, and also create opportunities for enriching one’s academic portfolio. Interested? 

There are different ways to go about it:  Students may either browse the University’s Placement Scheme website Placements to find out what’s on offer, or one may also arrange one’s own work placement directly with industry, and may subsequently request to have the placement recognised through the Degreeplus Programme. 

For a list of current available placements click here.

Degreeplus Recognition

The process to obtain recognition for your Degreeplus placement is quite straight forward. 

At the end your placement:

Fill in the Work Placement recognition form The Work Placement Recognition Form is to be handed in at the Degreeplus Office after the work placement is concluded. Placements through the Degreeplus are not ECTS based. However, once your request is approved, your work placement will be officially recorded on your academic transcript.

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