About us

Welcome to the Department of Moral Theology.

The objective of our department is to introduce students to a systematic reflection on Christian moral life and to empower them to reflect critically on contemporary moral issues from a Christian perspective. Our aim is to enable them to perceive moral life as a free and faithful response to God’s call to holiness.

Our courses introduce students to the main areas of moral theology, including its history, sources, historical development and methodology, and a more specialised treatment of specific moral topics related to pastoral ministry in the contemporary world. We study moral issues in dialogue with other disciplines such as philosophy, politics, law, medicine, and the social and behavioural sciences. 

Our courses include: Principles of Moral Theology; Politics, Economics and Theology; Bioethics; Sexuality, Marriage and Theology; Reconciliation; Culture, Religions and Theology; Catholic Social Teaching; Environmental Ethics; the Study of Spiritualty as an Academic Discipline; Schools of Christian Spirituality; Spirituality and Social Commitment; and Psychology and Spirituality.

The focus of research conducted in our department is marriage, sexuality and the family; bioethics; environmental ethics; human rights and theology; business ethics; politics, culture and public life; and spirituality. We also offer several study-units in professional ethics to other Faculties and Institutes at the University of Malta.