Frequently asked questions

The answers to these frequently asked questions will help you find out all you need to know.

What do the terms alumna, alumnus or alumni mean?
An alumna (f), alumnus (m) is a graduate of a university. Alumni (pl) refers to our community of former students.

What is the derivation of the word 'alumni'?
According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word alumnus/a means former pupil or student, and is derived from the Latin alere, to nourish. We don't use 'graduate' because not all University of Malta (UM) alumni are graduates. Some are 'certificands' or 'diplomates', some are Erasmus+, exchange or transfer students, but are part of our alumni community because they were students here.

I only studied at the University of Malta for a semester – am I an alumnus/alumna?
The University of Malta has an open and inclusive alumni programme, and you do not have to have completed a degree to be a member. University of Malta alumni include students who have completed Certificates or Diplomas, as well as those who have participated in a student exchange programme at the University of Malta (for example, Erasmus or exchange or transfer students). Contact us if you would like confirmation of whether or not you have alumni status.

How do I become a member of the UM Alumni Community?
When you leave the UM you automatically become one of our alumni and your details are transferred to the alumni database. We will contact you using the details we have been supplied with by the Office of the Registrar.

Any graduate who has successfully completed a course or any international student that has successfully completed one semester of study through an exchange or visiting programme at UM, is considered an alumnus.

Membership of the alumni community is free, lifelong and worldwide. The only thing you need to do to stay connected to the alumni community is to update your details.

Is there a membership fee?
There is no membership fee. At UM, we feel that the decision to donate should be an individual one, and that our alumni community should be open to all, free of charge.

What can I do to support UM?
You can support UM in a number of ways

  • ensure your contact details on the alumni database are correct
  • spread the word! You, as an alumnus/alumna, are among our best ambassadors
  • let us have your news and views for inclusion on the UM news portal, Newspoint
  • encourage your friends to keep in touch
  • let us know what you think of the alumni website, and what additional features or changes you would like to see
  • make a donation to the Research, Innovation & Developement Trust (RIDT) for research carried out at UM.

Who can I contact if I have any other queries?
Please Marketing, Communications & Alumni Office on +356 2340 3029/2163 or via email and our Alumni Team will be happy to help you.

How do I obtain my Student Record Documentation (transcript)?
Student Record Documentation (transcript) may be obtained from the Admissions & Records Office. The guidelines provide further information and you can order your transcript online by filling in and submitting this form.

I need to include my postnominal titles on my stationery. Where can I check the correct format?
To make sure you represent your postnominal title in the correct format refer to the full list of UM postnominal titles .

Why should I make a donation to the University of Malta?

Support from our alumni and friends means greater flexibility for the University, and it allows us to invest in areas of excellence, to fund infrastructure development and many other vital parts of our activity – elements that make UM a great place to study. The University of Malta's future depends on maintaining its reputation for diversity, innovation and quality.

I am considering making a gift to the University. How do I do this?
The RIDT raises funds for university projects. Refer to the RIDT website for more details.