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B.A. General in German / B.A.(Hons) in German

The B.A. General and B.A. Honours (Hons) courses in German offer a rich programme combining German language, linguistics, literature and culture studies of the German-speaking countries.

The courses extend over a period of three years of full-time study. The first year of the course is the same for B.A. General and Honours. All B.A. students at the Faculty of Arts study two subjects during their first year and they can choose from a vast variety of subject combinations.

After the first year, students can decide whether to opt for a B.A.(Hons) degree in German or whether to study for a B.A. General, i.e. to keep two equal main areas of study. Honours students write research-based dissertations during their final year.

Access detailed information on the B.A.(Hons) in German course structure and how to apply for the course. If you have queries, send an email or contact the departmental secretary Ms Charlotte Cucciardi.


M.A. in German

We offer an M.A. programme in German (by research). In their M.A. dissertation, candidates may focus on a wide range of topics related to literary and cultural studies or linguistics. Courses can either be followed full-time (3 semesters) or part-time (6 semesters).

Access more information and the detailed course structure for the full-time M.A. in German commencing in October 2024.


Certificate/Diploma in German Day Course

The Certificate/Diploma in Language Proficiency (German) offers students from all faculties and all academic or administrative staff at UM as well as members of the general public intensive and professional training in German language skills.

The course will complement students’ expertise in their area of studies with a considerable command of the German language both related to everyday life situations as well as to terminology in connection to their field of studies. The course is divided into two parts: the Certificate and the Diploma. Either part can be followed concurrently with the main degree course followed by a student of the University.  

Get to know more and apply for the Certificate in Language Proficiency (German)
Get to know more and apply for the Diploma in Language Proficiency (German)


Get to know about the special arrangement to study for a B.A. degree in German.

Recognition of B2 certificates in German

For a B.A. in German, applicants must normally satisfy the General Entry Requirements for admission (Matriculation Certificate and Secondary Education Certificate passes at Grade 5 or better in Maltese, English Language and Mathematics) and have an Advanced Level pass at Grade C or better in German.

If you are in possession of all the General Entry Requirements except for a pass at grade C or better in German at Advanced Matriculation Level, you can present the following certificates:

  • a B2 certificate in German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); and
  • the Certificate in German Literature and Culture, an exam offered by the Department of German.

The examination for the Certificate in German Literature and Culture, by the Department of German, is held every September.

Access the syllabus for this special examination: Syllabus B2 Certificate German


Application form: Examination in German Literature and Culture

In order to sit for the examination in German Literature and Culture, a candidate must apply to the Department of German by using the link below. With the application, the B2 Language Certificate (CEFR) also needs to be submitted for verification. No late applications will be accepted.

Application form: examination in German Literature and Culture

Deadline: 31 August 2024
Examination fee: EUR 25
Date of Examination: 12 September 2024

Please note: It is important that candidates sitting for the examination in German Literature and Culture also apply through the normal UM admissions process. To avoid late application fees, candidates are advised to apply for the B.A. in German by 24 July 2024 at 14:00. Under the remarks section in their application, candidates should indicate that they plan to sit for the Certificate in German Literature and Culture in September. Click here for more information and to apply for the course.

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